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POSIX programs A simple command line utility to combine/split WAV/AIFF files from stereo to mono and back.

MUSCLE Cross platform Messaging server and API for BeShare, etc. A message-of-the-day bot to run with your MUSCLE server A gateway bot to run interactive shell programs via your MUSCLE server Use joysticks as OpenSoundControl controllers A no-frills command-line BeShare-compatible chat client for Unixy OS's. Put on a play for your BeShare users.

BeOS R5 programs (for x86 & ppc) File sharing and chat program for BeOS Hearing test and tinnitus recovery therapy program Hotkey manager with source, PowerPC and Intel binaries Docs Distributed network programming environment (API & shared library/server)  Docs   LGPL'd source Global filename-completer/launcher. Docs

Qt programs

AudioMove Multiplatform batch audio conversion utility.

FoxRabbitCarrot Multiplatform, multiplayer board game and MUSCLE demo.

AmigaOS programs

AMarquee1.48.lha Network information crossbar system (server & shared library)  Source

AmiPhone1.92.lha Make telephone calls over the Internet

AmiSlate1.4.lha Draw pictures/play games with a friend over the Internet

GadMget2.05.lha Auto-download interface for Aminet

Netris1.15.lha Play Tetris against up to three other people over the Internet (uses AMarquee)  Source

QAmiTrack1.92.lha See which other Amiga users are online (uses AMarquee)